The Baden-Powell Scout Award (BPSA), or B-P Award, is the highest youth award achievable in the Scout and Guide Movement in several countries. Although, with the withdrawal of the Rover Section from most Scout Associations it has become a less common award, it is still awarded by Guide and Scout Associations in several countries, including Australia, Brazil, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand and in non-World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) associations in the United Kingdom.

In Australia

The Baden-Powell Scout Award (BPSA) is presented by the Rover Crew and is worn in the middle of the left sleeve. The badge will replace the St George Award on your uniform.

The BPSA is designed to challenge and test all who set out to achieve it and takes into consideration the Aims of Scouting, to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and character development of young adults. It allows for the highest standard to be set, while being considerate of individual abilities.

Attaining the Award

To attain the BPSA you must:

1. Be a fully invested Rover

Then, in any order:

2. Complete the St George Award

3. Complete the Community Development Badge

4. Complete the Personal Growth Badge


5. Attend a self refection interview with BPSA Support Team


6. The Rover Crew notes the completion of the award requirements, including the interview, and nominates the potential awardee for endorsement. The Rover Crew must note completion before the nominee’s 26th birthday. (NB: Where Region Rover Councils or Communities (RRC) exist, the RRC notes completion of requirements and forwards the nomination to the Branch Rover Council (BRC).)

7. BRC notes completion of requirements and endorses the potential awardee to the Chief Commissioner.

8. The Chief Commissioner approves the awarding of the Baden‐Powell Scout Award. Arrangements are made for the presentation of the award.

Presentation of the Award Certificate

Generally, the Chief Scout of each Branch present’s the BPSA, reinforcing the stature this Award holds both within Scouting and the community.

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