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Banana Bash is a Motorsport event run by QLD Rovers; Each Rover Crew builds and drives their own vehicle, courses/scoring are based on skill, not speed.


Banana Bash aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity for Rovers to participate in an amateur off road vehicle activity. Encourage Rovers to learn about and work on off-road vehicles.
  • Provide an environment that promotes the fellowship of Rovering and an avenue for Rovers to meet new people, network and socialize over the course of the Banana Bash event.
  • Allow opportunities for Rovers to gain valuable skills in aspects of event management, teamwork and leadership.
  • Positively promote the Rover Scout Section to the public as well as to other Sections of the Scout Movement.

Banana Bash uses the Scout Method; a progressive philosophy of “learning through doing” to achieve the Social, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual development of members of the Rover Section.


Banana Bash was started in 1983, after Peter Spowart and Derrick Kennedy returned from a trip to the Mud Bash (Victoria). Seventeen Rover Crews and 180 campers competed that weekend, including Bilyana, Geebung, The Gap, Indooroopilly, Kenmore, Manatunga, Newtown, Surfer’s Paradise, Tandara, Toohey’s Mountain, Wallaween, Wilson, Nundah and Grovely, who took away overall first place.

The event has had its up’s and down’s over the years, at one point involving an extended committee of forty people, a budget of $50,000, forty-five competing crews and 800 campers. Sadly, after insurance issues saw the two-year cancellation of the event in 2011, our numbers were somewhat diminished by the time Kate Rimon worked with her committee to restore the event in 2013.

Today, Banana Bash is back where it started, and that’s fine by us. 2015 saw 193 campers, and approximately 15 competing crews, and at the time of writing, we are on track to achieve similar numbers for this, our 30th year.

List of Banana Bash Events

Year Chair Location Notes
1983 Peter Spowart/Derrick Kennedy Purga Creek
1984 Derrick Kennedy Purga Creek
1985 Ray Mitchell Purga Creek
1986 David Gough
1987 David Gough Purga Creek
1988 Glen Mumford/Tony Woodgate Canungra
1989 Tony Woodgate Mt Mort
1990 David Walker Mt Mort
1991 Simon Sawyer Mt Mort
1992 Richard Kirkham Mt Mort
1993 Mark Heather Mt Mort
1994 Sonya Walker/David Walker Chip-Bark
1995 Jane Shaw Canungra
1996 Brad Stenzel Peak Crossing
1997 Nigel Ward Peak Crossing
1998 Brian Dann Springfield
1999 Brian Dann Springfield
2000 Simon Hanion Peak Crossing
2001 Letitia Dann Gatton
2002 Justin Mulligan Gatton
2003 Not Run
2004 Chris Isles Land Cruiser Mtn Park
2005 Jason Hennessy Canungra
2006 Michael Gardiner Canungra
2007 Anne Smith Willowbank Raceway
2008 Geoff Clark Canungra
2009 Phillip Verner Karingal Campsite 25 Years
2010 Jaqueline May Karingal Campsite
2011 Kyle Zinc Dude Where's My Bash
2012 Not Run
2013 Kate Rimon Willowbank Raceway
2014 Sam Caterer BP Park, Samford
2015 Tahlia Johnson BP Park, Samford
2016 Michael O'Keefe Pine Mountain 30 Years of Bash
2017 Alex Reedy Canungra The Italian Job
2018 Alex Mogg Karingal Campsite

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