Brisbane North Region Rovers, encompasses the area North of the Brisbane River to the South Pine River, East to Moreton Bay and out West to the Great Dividing Range. The consttituent Scouting Districts within the Brisbane North Region are, Bramble Bay District, Charles S Snow District, Sir Leslie Wilson District, Taylor Range District, and Tyakunda District.


BNR Rovers operate as individual Crews, who are represented at the Branch Rover Council by their Region Representative, Emma Storie. They also get support from the Assistant Region Commissioner for Rovers (ARC Rovers), Peter Savage.

The Region holds their Meetings and Region Activities on a three monthly cycle. One month, a Region Meeting is held for all Crew Leaders, and is open to all other Rovers in the region to attend if they wish. The next month is the Region Activity Night, hosted by one of the Crews in the Region for all to attend. And finally the Third month, is a Rover Advisor's meeting, held by the ARC Rovers, to help support the RA's across the Region.

Current Crews

Crew Meeting Night Email
Aspley Rover Crew Tuesday 7pm
Bardon Rover Crew
Boondall Rover Crew Wednesday
Boyd Park Rover Crew Wednesday 7:30pm
Indooroopilly Rover Crew Wednesday 7:30pm
Ironbark Rover Crew Monday 7pm
Kedron Rover Crew Sunday 6:30pm
Nundah-Northgate Rover Crew Monday 7:30pm
Oakleigh Rover Crew Wednesday 7:30pm
Sandgate Rover Crew
St John's Wood Rover Crew Thursday 7:30pm
Stafford Rover Crew Monday 7:30pm
TMT Rover Crew Monday 7pm
The Gap Rover Crew Thursday 7:30pm

Baden-Powell Scout Awards

Name Crew Date
Ian Sommerville 20/02/1980
Paul Rollason 05/03/1998
Nickolavena Soymonoff 23/07/1996
Shaun Sandilands TMT Rover Crew 09/10/2013
Kelsey Reid Ironbark Rover Crew 01/02/2017
Kathryn Richmond Ironbark Rover Crew 01/03/2017
Emma Storie Stafford Rover Crew 29/01/2018

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