Charles S. Snow District is located in the inner northern and north-eastern suburbs of Brisbane, out to a distance of about 10 kilometres from the centre of the city. The District is part of Brisbane North Region.

The District is named after Charles Smethurst Snow, the first Chief Commissioner of Scouting in Queensland. He was also one of the first four Scout Leaders in Queensland, raising a Patrol at St Mary's Church of England, Kangaroo Point, in August 1908. He served as Chief Commissioner from 1909 to 1922 and from 1924 to 1943, as Branch Commissioner for Sea Scouts from 1921 to 1923, and as Branch Commissioner for Adult Leader Training from 1923 to 1952. Charles S. Snow was called to Higher Service on 6 June 1953.  His service to Scouting is also remembered in the Charles Snow Training Centre, BP Park, Samford, and the Charles S. Snow Scout Environmental Training Centre, 'Eprapah', Victoria Point.

District Badge

The three symbols on the District's badge are:

  • The World Badge - the international symbol of Scouting.
  • The 'axe and log' symbol - originally the camp emblem of Gilwell Park, near London, where formal Wood Badge (Adult Leader) training commenced in 1919. In time, the symbol came to be used for all Wood Badge training around the world. Charles S. Snow was deeply involved with Wood Badge training in Queensland for over 30 years. The inclusion of this symbol in the District's badge represents his enduring interest and efforts in this training.
  • The "three spears, boomerang and 'N'" symbol - the emblem of the former Brisbane North District. Several Scout Groups in the District were originally in Brisbane North District, which was disbanded in a reorganisation of the northern metropolitan Districts.
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