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Welcome to the Queensland Rovers Wiki. An online Rover encyclopedia that allows its users to edit almost any article.

We’re starting off this Wiki by adding Pages and details about our the Bash Cars that have competed at Queensland’s Banana Bash. If you have information that you can provide the wiki, help us make this site grow!


  • Organisation - for everything about how QLD Rovers is organised and operated, roles on the QBRC and all things related
  • Award Scheme - a list of badges and their descriptions within the Rover Award Scheme.
  • QBRC Activities - major Camps and Activities coordinated by the QLD Branch Rover Council
  • Activities - other Camps and Activities coordinated by the QLD Branch Rover Council, regions, districts or Crews
  • Motorsport - for everything about Motorsport Events in QLD, and all our Bash Cars
  • National Events - National Camps and Activities
  • International Events - International Camps and Activities
  • Locations - a list of Locations and Camp Sites.
  • Rover Crew - a list of all Rover Crews in the state
  • YouTube - a category with information of all the shows and information of the QLD Rovers YouTube Channel
  • Individual Rovers - a list of Rovers and pages that detail roles and accomplishments of individual Rovers.
  • Individuals in Scouting - a list of other individuals in Scouting that have had something to do with Rovering in Queensland.

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