The Rover Skills Badge is awarded for active participation in and contribution to creating a more effective Rover Scout Section.

The Rover Skills Badge

The Rover Skills Badge is worn on the right sleeve in the top right quadrant of the Baden–‐Powell Scout Award progress badge diamond. The Rover Crew awards the Rover Skills Badge after completing the badge’s requirements.

The Requirements of the Badge

The following tasks will need to be signed off by your Rover Crew. Hold a position of responsibility within the Rover Scout Section for at least 6 months; Camp out using a variety of styles while demonstrating effective campcraft skills for a minimum of six nights, on no fewer than four occasions; and Organise, participate in and log at least four activities for the Rover Scout Section each from a different Area of Personal Growth (SPICES).

A Position of Responsibility

A position of responsibility within the Rover Scout Section could be a Crew Leader, Assistant Crew Leader, Crew Treasurer, Crew Secretary or Quarter Master. For Rover Crews that run major events, such as harbour cruises, moots or formal dinners, they may also consider positions related the running of the event.

At a Branch or Region Level it could be the Branch Rover Council Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, or Activity Officer. A position of responsibility may also be the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Event Secretary, Activities Officer or an Entertainment Coordinator of a major Branch or Region event.

Camping Out

Examples of camps could include, snow, beach/sand, traditional ‘patrol’, lightweight, low/no impact, theme, camps based around major holidays, survival camps, and traditional district camps with gadgets.

Four Activities

Activities should form part of the usual program for the Rover Crew and may include Region and Branch activities. Use your imagination and come up with something new but if you get stuck activity ideas can be found in Scout Central, 700+ Programming Ideas or the Rover Fun Guide. Don’t forget the different Areas of Personal Growth: social, physical, intellectual, character, emotional and spiritual.

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